YTB Soon to Relocate!

Hey Trendeez!! 

In the next week or so I will be moving YTB Headquarters to my new office space in our new family home. During the transition expect to see a slight delay in responses to social media or to customer inquiries via email. But operations will be as normal and orders will remain in a timely manner. 

As well, I am excited to announce the start of the Holiday season! So be on the lookout for new stock arriving at YTB. 

In addition, YTB currently has a sale collection- so check it out! And as new items arrive older items will be added. Not to mention Black Friday is coming soon as well. So, be on the lookout for some surprises!! 

I must apologize to you all for not being live as I wanted to be. With homeschooling my daughter and making last minute trips to the building stores for out new home, it has been very busy. But when we are settled, look out for my face a little more on social media because I have missed interacting with all of you! 

With that note, I want to thank my new customers for their recent orders; you are the best, and I am so humbled that you support me and my small business. I love you all!!

~ Love Jess, Owner/Operator of YTB