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Summer has always been my favourite season. Especially growing up near the ocean.  As a young girl, my grandparents would take me to the Lighthouse at Pea Point, and the ferry landing at Wallace Cove in Blacks Harbour, NB. They would take me many times every summer to go beach combing, and have a little picnic while we were there. I'd make my grampy Merrill fill all his pockets with all the sea glass and other treasures I found. 

This is what gave me the inspiration to start making my own jewelry showcasing all my sea glass, pieces of pottery, and broken ceramic I have found. This is why Jes Sea Treasures was born. 

These pieces are all individually designed; no two pieces or set is the same because no two pieces of sea glass or pottery I find are the same. Some pieces I have drilled, while the pieces too small for drilling are placed in resin, to make each piece a little more unique.  My hope is that when you wear these pieces, you will wearing a piece of my childhood as well. Full of fond memories at the beach with my grandparents ❤️. 

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