About Youtopia Trendz

Youtopia Trendz Boutique INC. is a small online boutique located in Charlotte County, New Brunswick, Canada, solely owned and operated by myself, Jessica Golden. I will be offering a variety of affordable clothing and accessories for the entire family.  And if there is something you are specifically looking for, I will try my best to find it. 

Youtopia Trendz Boutique was incorporated in the summer of 2020, in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, and my goal was to help people feel safe in buying online whether we all are still under pandemic restrictions or not. I also wanted to open up an online shop in my local area to bring a different variety of products and styles to match the identities of whom that live here. There is something to be said about feeling that you are taking care of, and that is also what I will strive to do here at YTB.

So why the "Youtopia Trendz" name? Well, to be honest my family is in the process of moving to a little slice of our own "Youtopia"  near a quaint little town of St. George, New Brunswick. And "Trendz" because a trend can be defined as something popular to a society of people. But I wanted to put my own spin on a trend where you can make your own perfect trend, unique to you. Thus my motto: Youtopia Trendz Boutique - 

As well, I love to support local people and other small businesses, so do not be surprised if you hear me mention or carry local product on social media and on my online boutique blog, where you will get to be in the know of what happens here. So please take a look of what I have to offer and I am so humbled and happy you stopped by!

Your Friend and fellow Youtopia